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ZERO Launcher Themes

ZERO Launcher Themes


Zero launcher is well known as a minimalistic and light Android launcher for superb performance. It is just 1MB or 2MB in size, and it doesn’t take much space on your device. But it still has a lot of features built-in, such as several 3D transition animations, full Zero launcher themes, icon themes, memory optimizer, and RAM cleaner. Zero launcher is available for free at Apps APK, but it does offer in-app purchases.


Everything is listed in this app launcher with HD icons in neat rows. It has a lot of icon themes, wallpapers, and full launcher themes out there. This way, users can easily customize the overall looks that can match their taste. It also has a notification and widget shortcut with power toggle option that can be turned on and off. A lot of devices don’t come with these features by default. It has a lot of customization options, especially if you have older devices or looking for a huge range of toggles.


According to the developers, Zero is the extremely fast 3D engine which works smoothly. Also, there are plenty of Zero launcher themes as well as wallpapers available for free. You can customize the icon style, wallpaper, and preferences on the home screen. The user can choose from a huge library of wallpapers and icon styles. Similarly, you can easily customize the icons as you like and change the icon style. Also, you can give feedback with the feedback button available in the launcher.


Multiple choices

You can choose from three different effects to swipe screens – the Cloth effect, crystal effect with 3D touch, and the classic effect. The launcher features Flashlight or Torch, Memory Booster, and a lot of other effects. Zero launcher themes are an interesting part of this launcher. You can also test your luck every day with a Treasure Chest. This lucky draw offers a lot of premium themes if you are in luck.