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Are you bored of the default lock screen on your Android device? You should definitely install Go Locker app to meet this purpose. There are plenty of apps out there with the same feature. Nevertheless, Go Locker has an option to customize the lock screen. By default, it has been designed by the developer on its own. However, it comes with some features that you may not find in any other apps available in the market.


Once you install the Go locker app, you can easily change the lock screen of your device and choose from different Go Locker themes. Obviously, you can choose from various lock screens with different themes in this app. Some of the best ones are the ocean, animals, insects, futuristic screens, and the beach.


Even better, you can also customize several parameters, such as time and date on the display. If you want to see some kind of effect, you can shake your phone to unlock the display. Go Launcher is a very amazing tool due to its great customization and it is always great for the users who are working with it.


This app has a lot of themes which really outnumber every now and then. This app comes for free with a lot of free Go Locker themes that can add a personal touch to your display. There are also paid themes you can buy or unlock more features by buying the paid version of this app. It has a lot of best themes available at Apps Apk.


Go Locker is basically a screen locker app available for Android. It is one of the most popular and widely used screen lockers with more than 100 million downloads. It locks the home screen to avoid unauthorized access. You can download many popular themes for free.