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There are so many customization options available for Android devices, such as widgets, launchers, icon packs, and so on. However, live wallpapers are great features that most of us love. Gone are the days when Android’s wallpapers were just considered as the battery-draining apps and gimmicks. Today, they have come a long way with good looks and loads of customization options even without draining your phone’s battery life. This way, your home screen looks truly very beautiful.


It is also believed that only paid wallpapers are safe to use. However, it is not true in all senses. Play Store has a lot of free apps available. For your convenience, Apps APK has listed some of the best free live wallpapers for Android.


Live wallpaper is a great feature in your Android phone that enables you to set amazing and animated wallpapers as the background. It is also an innovative way to spice up the default and boring home screen. Initially, the live wallpapers suffered from a lot of technical glitches, such as poor performance and battery drain of the website. Luckily, all such problems are sorted and live wallpapers cause no harm to the Android devices.


In fact, the latest wallpapers are very beautiful and catchy. They provide very appealing and fluid backgrounds. They feature everything from textures to underwater environment. You can choose from different free live wallpapers to spice up your device’s screen without having to pay anything.


If you love to have a great collection of wallpapers or love to add a personal touch to your device, it is always best to download wallpaper for free. They are very popular and attractive. At Apps APK, there are hundreds of latest live wallpapers available for Android. You can install one in few seconds and try the new and improved screensaver.