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Call & Contacts Apps

When it comes to send a text or email, or even looking up an address on Google Maps, you should have a list of contacts on your phone. Just because these contacts are used most of the time, it does not mean they are managed well. Most of the time, unnecessary duplicates, old numbers, and unlabeled addresses pile up in our default contact app. So, it becomes even harder to find the contact we need sometimes. Do not worry because Apps APK has listed some of the best Call & Contacts apps for android.

With these apps, you can easily delete contacts with old and missing information, remove duplicate contacts, synchronize the changes across devices and apps, block unwanted contacts, and even more.

If you do not want your contacts-list shared around several accounts, we have the best Call & Contacts apps for Android that can serve as your main account. These apps are very secure and reliable and they never share your personal information with others. At Apps APK, we value your privacy. So we have listed only those apps which are most trusted by the users. You can choose one of these apps that are very convenient for your usage and purpose.


Import Your Contacts

If you have bought a new phone, you may definitely want to import contacts from an old phone. If you have upgraded from an old Android phone to a new one, it is very simple. Since you have a Google account, you can easily access contacts through your account with one tap on your Google Contacts app. Simply go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Accounts > Google.


Remove Duplicates

There are many reasons duplicate contacts pile up on our contacts list. This way, you may want to remove duplicate contacts. To serve this purpose, you may find some of the handy apps that can help you get rid of unwanted contacts. Even better, you can merge duplicate contacts into one. It can help you remove clutter on your contacts list. Therefore, when you have to find a specific contact next time, you will do it with ease.


Block Unwanted Contacts

In order to get rid of unwanted and annoying callers and telemarketers, you may want to block their numbers on your phone. To serve this purpose, Apps APK provides different call blocker apps for Android, which are safe and secure too.


Caller ID apps

There are also different Caller ID apps available for Android. With these apps, you can figure out who is calling you and from where. One of the best examples is TrueCaller. With these apps, you can find out whether the caller is junk or genuine. This way, you can easily decide whether you should accept the call or reject.


Call Recording

If your old Android Smartphone does not have call recording feature by default, we also have this solution for you. Download the apps for recording voice calls for future reference. These apps are very helpful for specific purposes.