Sticky! APK

Post sticky notes everywhere on your screen!
Post notes everywhere on your screen with Sticky!. It’s easy to jot a memo, to-do list, or a quick organizational brainstorm and save it for future reference. Choose from numerous color and size choices, and even send Sticky! content to Gmail, Twitter, and more.
CREATE: Drag your favorite sticky / Tap sticky which is located bottom of the screen and then click create button.
EDIT: Tap sticky.
EDIT TEMPLATE: Tap sticky which is located bottom of the screen.
RESIZE: Pinch sticky.
SEND NOTE CONTENT: Press share button when you edit.
DELETE STICKY: Drag sticky into Recycle Bin.
Press menu button, you can change depending on your various preferences and to display a list of sticky.
1. Go to your home screen.
2. Long press on any empty space on your home screen.
3. You’ll then notice the “Widgets” options.
4. Click “Widgets”, and select “Sticky!(X x X)”.
You’ll see the list of notes, and click the note which you want to see
on your home screen.
5. Click “Select” button.
Press menu button on your device. Then click “Arrangement”. All stickies will be arranged on the screen what you see.