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Wisepilot is an easy-to-use online driving companion packed with all kinds of premium content, like turn-by-turn navigation, updated traffic and speed alerts, to assist you when travelling. Automatic map updates at no additional charge and very low data consumption help to make Wisepilot a neat as well as cost-efficient application.
As a new user you will get a free 5 day trial allowing you to try out all available Wisepilot features as much as you like. After the trial you may choose to either use only the free features or to purchase one or more of the available licenses to further enhance your navigation experience. This flexible solution allows you to customize Wisepilot to suit your specific needs.
When using the free features of Wisepilot you will always know where you are, you may search for any destination in the world and see an overview of your route on the world-wide map.
To further enhance Wisepilot the following add-ons are available for purchase in the in-app Shop (and also included during the trial):
* Turn-by-turn navigation, including:
– Voice guidance – Reach your destination with detailed instructions
– Lane assistance – Get in the right lane when approaching a junction or intersection
– Junction views – Prepare your motorway exit with a detailed image
– Speed limits – See current speed limits on your route and get alerted if you exceed the limit
* Speed cameras – See all speed cameras nearby on the map and get alerted when you approach one while driving
* Live traffic – Plan your trip with up-to-date traffic info to avoid queues, closed roads and other traffic incidents (can be used both with or without navigation)
* My maps – Download and store country maps on your phone to significantly reduce data usage, helpful both at home and abroad (Please note! Offline use only applies to downloaded map data, not navigation)
* Wcities – Find current and upcoming events near your location
Please note that some features are only available in certain countries, check availability in the in-app Shop.
Send a message to the Wisepilot support staff including the Wisepilot user ID or IMEI from your old device as well as the IMEI of your new phone and they will help you transfer the account and license.




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