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WiFi File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a wireless connection. Easy-to-use web interface, no USB cable needed.Wi-Fi File Transfer is a cool and handy app, which conveniently removes the need of using wire to download and upload files and transfer them, to or from your device.

A convenient app for the digital era

This app comes with a lot of handy features. You can download and upload several files and even upload the whole folder structure at the same time from Google Chrome. It features amazing interface of file manager to copy, delete, rename, extract, and zip files. It also has password authentication, photo and music directories, and shortcuts to video. You can also run this app in the background. It allows you to view files from the browser directly and it works well when the hotspot is turned on. You can also access SD cards and USB storage devices.

No more wires

This app is very handy and versatile which enables you to transfer data from any location with ease. This app is a must-have if you do not like to keep wires with you. It just takes a small space on your device. It works great and is easy to use. You can easily download this app within seconds and you are good to go. It is a very useful, well designed, and intuitive app.



• Upload or download multiple files at once
• Upload entire folder structures (Google Chrome only)
• Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip files using the built-in file manager interface
• Password authentication (optional)
• Shortcuts to photo, video and music directories
• Runs as a background service
• View photos directly in your web browser (integrated thumbnail gallery)
• Autostart service when connected to home network (optional)
• Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices
• Works while the device is in hotspot mode


• In order to use this app, your computer and your phone need to be on the same local area (or wlan) network.
• If you would like to use this app on public WiFi networks, please make sure to set an access password in the app settings.
• If you’re using WiFi File Transfer alongside other server apps such as WebSharing or Kies Air, make sure they do not use the same port number.


• This free version cannot upload files larger than 5 MB. Everything else works 100%.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions to [email protected]

Tags: web server, webserver, file explorer

What’s New

Version 1.0.9:
• Deleting files fixed for Android 4.4
• Translation update

Version 1.0.8:
• Fixed problem with Select Files button in Internet Explorer
• Added SSL encryption for use on public networks
• Social media buttons now optional
• More reliable hotspot detection
• Fixed progress bars for folder upload
• Fixed duplicate filename bug for folder upload
• Corrected Google Analytics description in settings

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