WF & Clock Widget APK

simple free weather forecast&clock widget. all platforms(>=1.5), all languages.
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v. 1.0.8(30-05-2011) Fixed bugs and added color settings.
NOTE:If you are upgrading from a previous version of the widget, then before installing the new version, please uninstall the application, and widgets on the home screen, restart your device, install the application and configure the widget. Good luck.
v. 10.0.7 (26/06) fix
v. 1.0.6(23/08):A lot of nice changes.
v. 1.0.5:fixed bug of weather updates appearing on some devices
v 1.0.4
* fixed all and even more than all.
v 1.0.3
* Added a widget displays the time format AM / PM
* Fix freezing clock on some devices



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