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Timer - Stopwatch & Alarm-1 Timer - Stopwatch & Alarm-2

Precision Timer includes: Stop watch, Timer, Alarm and World Clock.
Easy, simple and clean with the new Android Holo theme and loads of options, you will love this app.
With simple and intuitive interface.
This is the most accurate timer!

STOPWATCH (chronograph):
– Start and Stop from numbers.
– Infinite laps count.
– Runs in Background (without wasting battery, using system events).
– Screen my times with all the saved laps.
– Stay awake functionality (clicking the menu button).
– Keep running (activate run in background by clicking the menu button).
– 1/1000 seconds (milliseconds).

TIMER (Countdown timer):
– Add any counter time.
– Selectable sound.
– Reach notifications (you can see the remaining time in the notification bar, also you can pause, resume and stop).
– Sound and vibrates for 5 seconds.
– 1/1000 seconds (milliseconds).
– Infinite saved timers.
– Uses the alarm volume.

ALARM (alarm clock):
– Basic functionality of an Alarm.
– Set Alarm name.
– Set Alarm period.
– Set Alarm snooze time.
– Set Alarm Ringtone.
– Set postpone Alarm by shaking the phone.
– Set snooze time.
– Set Mathematic operations to stop the Alarm.
– Set Alarm volume auto increase.
– Set Alarm vibration (it toggles if you select postpone by shake).
– Set Crazy preferences (the Alarm sounds every minute for 3 times).
– Uses the alarm volume.

WORLD CLOCK (clock):
– By default adds your current timezone.
– Add any town.
– Uses google places API.
– Digital Clock.
– Analog Clock.

– Fullscreen mode.
– Swipe tabs.
– Landscape mode.
– Tablet mode.
– 2 Holo themes.
– Options with menu button.
– Option to store on SD-Card

– Voice recognition.
– Reach notifications on Stopwatch.
– Added DashClock widget
– Add multiple timers and Stopwatch.
– Improve World Clock section.

VIBRATE: For timer and alarm ring.
WAKE_LOCK: Prevent device from sleeping.
INTERNET: To search for world clock and display ads.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Checks if the device has internet.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To set Alarms when device reboot.
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