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Have you heard about TikTok? There are so many changes that you have seen some music videos while using YouTube or Twitter. This kind of videos usually made by tik to users. You have witnessed 15-second videos of probable lips syncing, probably dancing, singing or other music videos.  The journey of this app was started three years ago.  This app firstly names as Chinese company acquired this app in 75 billion dollars and finally in August 2018 become Tik Tok. 

TikTok APK

Firstly this was so popular in twins and teen. But now it is so much popular everywhere in the world.  Tik Tok has been downloaded more than a hundred Million. The chines company Bytedance owns it. Now Tik Tok has become the world most successful startup. In this app 15-second video clips of the music of the labeled and licensed artist.

Tik Tok was famous in between teenagers, but now it also becomes prominent in artist, athletes, actors, dancers, and comedians. Most leading companies like coca cola, Nike, ABC, Google are advertising on Tik Tok. With this app, you will find ground zero of popular memes. It has become the most popular social media app now. Most people in the world are using it and enjoying making videos of music, lip syncing, dancing and others. Artists are getting a great chance to performs their art at a platform where lots of people are available as an audience. It is not just a single destination of your music video.

Here you can share the people your storyline with a 15-second video. You can explore your moments with this app. With this app, you can explore and take your videos to a new level with extreme filters, fun stickers, music and more. In the fast moving life, you can make your every second count and show the world that what you have got.


With this app, you would be able to, Discover and making new contacts with people. There are lots of professional artist in comedians are using Tik Tok so you will get a chance to entertain by them you can find your inspiration in between them. We’re discussing some features of Tik Tok below.

Features of TikTok Android App

TikTok Android App

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    Watch videos- millions of videos are available on Tik Tok. You can watch selected videos according to your choice of Tik Tok. Tik Tok also provides personalized video feeds which are based on what you like, watch and share. You can comment, like and share these videos.

    Get entertained- there are lots of creators are available on Tik Tok which are showing their art so that millions of people will get a dose of entertainment with their art. Famous artists and actress also share their precious moment on this app so you can upgrade your knowledge and become inspire with them.

    Add music and sound on your videos- lots of music and sounds are available on Tik Tok. These can be added on your video. You are allowed to edit your video with billions of free music and sound. Here music video of EDM, pop, classical and other music are present on Tik Tok.

    Use stickers – with this app you can use emojis, filters, stickers, and another beauty effect can be applied to your video. You can use funny faces and another facial impact on your video. With the classy editing tools of Tik Tok take your video to the next level. Add effects and filters In your videos.

    Edit Videos – with the editing tools of Tik Tok you would be able to trim and cut your videos. Here you can merge two or more videos. This app can also make duplicate videos.

    Discover videos – you can discover your favorite videos on this app. Here you can search for videos Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Food, Sports, etc.

Download procedure and Installation of TikTok Android App

There are so many options are available to download Tik Tok.

1.    The download is as an apk file

a.    First, connect your device with a working and stable internet connection

b.    Now search for Tik Tok in your search engine.

c.    Click on any website where Tik Tok apk file is available to download.

d.    Download apk file of Tik Tok

e.    Now allow to installation from unknown sources f.    Install Tik Tok

2.    Download from the app store.

a.    Open your app store

b.    Now search for Tik Tok in the search box of your app store

c.    You will be dropped on the download page of Tik Tok.

d.    Click on the install button e.    Give it all the required permissions. 

How to Create a Tik Tok account?

    Firstly you have to connect your device with an internet connection.

    You are allowed to use cellular of the wifi network

    Now open Tik Tok in your device

    Give all required permission to Tik Tok

    Now enter your Date of Birth

    For confirmation, you can use your email, phone number.

    A one time password will be sent on your phone number or email.

    Enter the One time Password to verify your account.

    Your account has been created after a successful confirmation.

    Now you can edit your user name and write your bio.

    You can sync your Tik Tok account with your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram account.

User Guide to Tik Tok:

Using Tik Tok is quite tricky than using another social media app. Tik Tok recommended you some most popular videos and created like YouTube. Most popular videos and hashtags will be a poet on your screen. There are some basic terms of Tik Tok has been described below.

    Duet- the core part of Tik Tok is Duet. It is like a remixing of a song. You can add your video to another users video. You can set up a joke, reply to another person video. With this feature, you will get a chance to deliver the punchline. Let’s take an example that someone has posted a video. Then other Tik Tok users can pick that video and performed an action that corresponds to that video.

    Cringe- Tik Tok defined this kind of videos for some time. When someone sincerely performed awkwardly acting of I’m reading fashion publicly then these videos ate known as cringe. This kind of videos mostly records by youtube creators. Now people love to make this kind of cringe videos with duets.

    Challenges-  lots of tasks are also challenged on the TikTok. In Tik Tok challenges lots of people can be seen an attempt to do the same thing with more perfection. These challenges are made up by community creators through these challenges they get a chance to sponsor a hashtag. It is the best way on TikTok to connect people with a community.

    Videos- In the world of TikTok, lots of gamers, furries, dancers, comedians, athletes, singers, actors, influencers, etc. are performing their talent. They record a video performance of 15 seconds. For example athletes and gamers record a video of choreographed dance with TikTok. Comedians and actors like to record meme on this app. It is tough to start TikTok with a video, but you can jump into challenges and become expert of TikTok. This app is the famous destination of vines and memes.

    The Creators  we all know the creators are the heart of any social media app. And this is applied to each social idea platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You can follow the most famous creators of these apps. They share each of their precious moment on this platform so you will get all the information about them and get to chance to get inspired by their work.

    For you – Tik Tok provides you with a video feed according to your recommendation. This video feed is made by TikTok according to the videos what you have watched, like and shared on this app. This page is the home page of Tik Tok app. It is the best place for you if you are a beginner on this app. With this video feed, you will get an approximate idea of what Tik Tok drivers to their users.

    The Songs- songs are the most popular fraters of Tik Tok which is used by people. You can make memes, vines, and challenges with the songs. There are billions of free songs are provided to you to add them on your video. For example, you have watched” kiki challenge “on the social media platform. It becomes popular by Tik Tok. Another song “Ohh Na Na” also become a famous change on the Tik Tok

It is not easy to describe all niche of the Tik Tok app. But the too most niches we have described in this article. Now we will talk about some problems and their resolution while using Tik Tok.

Error Fixing in Tik Tok

You might have to face some technical and min technical errors in Tik Tok. There we have listed out some too most errors and their solution below.

App not Working-

Solution 1: Clear Data and Cache

    Open settings

    Click on apps and games

    Select TikTok

    Click on App Information

    Click on precise data and cache.

Solution 2: Reset App Preferences

    Open the settings of your android device

    Open apps and games

    Click on TikTok

    Click on Reset Apo Preferences.

Network Issues

Solution 1: Grant permission

    Check your device whether it is connected or not with a working internet connection.

    Open your device settings

    Go to apps and games

    Click on TikTok

    Click on permission

    Give all required permission to the TikTok app.

Solution 2: Clear cache of Whatsapp

    Connect your device with a working and stable internet connection

    Go to device settings

    Open apps and games

    Click on Whatsapp

    Touch on the clear cache.

TikTok Login Issues

Solution1. Type correct  user name and password

    You might be for her your password, so it is essential to enter the correct password and username to make a successful login.

    If you have not remembered your password, then click on forgot the password and follow the steps to reset your password.

solution2. Clear cache of play service.

    Open settings

    Connect your device with internet

    Click on any service

    Click on clear the cache.

Camera Lagging Issues

It is the best way to fix this issue that you may apply any effect like beauty mode. Then to fix Camera issues you should turn of each kind of mode. And record video of no impact. After recording a video, you are allowed to apply filters and effects on that video.

TikTok Stopped

  • You should root your device to resolve this issue. And you should confirm that your app is updated.
  • You should switch  Android user and keep free space in your device so that TikTok can run smoothly in your device.

With the above solutions, you can fix some major issues that are coming mostly while using TikTok. If your unable to get any help from these solutions then you can contact the customer support of TikTok.

Tips To Avoid Errors

    Firstly you should have a proper internet connection to use TikTok properly.

    You should clean your device space regularly

    You should clear cache regularly.

    Check all the required permission is given to the app.

    Avoid unwanted features of the app to use.

    Free space of your device to use it.

Valuable information:

    Tik Tok is a free app, but for some features, you have to pay. These features are included in app purchases. You may have to expand rs.80 to 8000 to activate these features.

    This app demands some critical permission of your devices like media and library if you have any privacy concern then you should not h give this kind of permission at all.

    Firstly tik to account is made publically, but you can switch to a private account.


Nowadays Tik Tok app is the most popular social media platform. It is so much addictive to users. But you should have kept all the precautions to use Tik Tok account. You should read all the terms and conditions before you use it.

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