TalkBack APK

TalkBack provides spoken feedback for eyes-free computing.
TalkBack is an Accessibility Service that helps blind and vision-impaired users interact with their devices more easily.
This application add spoken, audible, and vibration feedback to your device. It is a system application that was pre-installed on most device and is updated when the accessibility service is improved.
This app is only activated if you explicitly turn on Accessibility.

Steps to activate Accessibility:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select Accessibility
3. (Android 3.2 and earlier) Enable Accessibility checkbox
4. Enable TalkBack checkboxes
5. (Android 4.0 and later) Enable explore-by-touch



  • Talkback is useful software for blind and low Vision person. to activate it, go to Settings>Accessibility>Talkback>on(Inable)/off(Disable). When it is inabled, users must use two fingers to click on a Icon, File and Folder. if he/she touch one time Talkback says the name of Icon, File or Folder. then he/she touch two times it will open. but I can’t type. Can any person tell me what is the rule of type on the screen?

  • it is very easy boot ur mobile to safe mode by long press on power off or reboot and uninstall this app from setting and reboot ur mobile in normal mode again

  • once this application is activated it is noy easy to deactivate. It also disables sliding and become disturbing by talking all the time. Can somebody out their advise me how to deactivate it since I can not scroll to accessibility

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