Swift Locker – Unlock & Booster APK

Swift Locker - Unlock & Booster-app

Swift Locker is the smartest way to unlock your screen. This screen locker combines a custom lock with a smart unlock system. In fact every time you unlock, the boost function speeds up your smart phone.
There’s more! You can customize your unlock screen with HD lockscreen wallpapers or use your own photos.
Millions of users already choose and love Swift Locker. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the booster function and the HD lockscreen wallpapers!

· Smart Unlock: Free up memory space after every unlock with the boost function
·Custom Lock : Personalize your smart lock with HD wallpapers and custom the display settings to get a unique lock screen
· Notification: Access notifications of your favorites applications from your custom lock screen
·Real Time Weather :View useful weather information before you even unlock the screen
·Safe Lock: Select a lock pattern or a pin code to keep your mobile safe

3 things that make Swift Locker awesome
. The smart lock combines a booster and a safe lock to protect and boost your phone’s speed
. Each HD lockscreen wallpaper is original, beautiful and dynamic.
. There are endless possibilities to customize your smart lock and make it exactly like you want

Swift Locker – Unlock&Booster is now the most beloved hd screen locker.
So boost your speed and boost your style with Swift Locker smart & safe lock screen!

More about the smart lock
Every time you unlock your mobile, the screen locker identify processes that slowdown your phone. The smart lock stops those processes and clean your RAM to let you enjoy the full potential of your mobile. Many users affirm that this function is even more important than the HD lockscreen wallpaper, or the protection offer by the smart lock.

. Custom Panel – Pick any system function that you want access quickly from your smart lock
. Smart Shortcuts – Access your recent contacts and the recently used apps in one click

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Size : 4.3M
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
Offered By : Dotc United



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