Qibla Map APK

Map-based Qibla direction. No compass inaccuracy! No confusion!

Please leave us your reviews! We think this is simply the best application for finding Qibla direction but we would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think!
Stop fiddling with unreliable phone compasses. Use your GPS or just type in your location (address, city or zip code). This app will show you the direction of Mecca superimposed on a street map.



  • I’m from Brazil and use the Find Mecca android app (didn’t found a review here in It’s very usefull, clean and don’t have adds (what really bothers me). A goof point is that it works in every position (some apps get fuzzy when you hold straight vertical). A must have.
    ALLAH Bless you all!

  • JazakAllah Khair for this invaluable app. Please don’t forget to convince the Muslim mobile shop owners to provide all these Islamic softwares to their customers free of cost to gain the rewards.

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