Qibla Compass! APK

Qibla compass is a tool to find direction to Mecca. At any location, you can start the application and it will show you the direction to Mecca based on the method that you choose for finding this direction. Currently, there are two different methods for doing this: Direct Path and Shortest Path.

* Direct Path: Traditionally, this has been the preferred way of finding qibla. Imagine Sun is right above Ka’ba. In this case, if you face Sun, you’re practically facing Ka’ba.
* Shortest Path or Great-Circle Path: In this method, you’re facing towards the arch that marks the shortest line between you and Ka’ba. As you know, due to the spherical shape of Earth, the shortest path between two points is usually different than the direct path. For more information you can check Great-Circle distance.

In order to switch between these two methods, press menu and then select Direction Method.

Note: This application needs location services in order to calculate Qibla. If location service is not available, it’ll ask you to turn it on.

Tip: Due to the nature of electronic compass used in mobile phones, they sometimes need to be calibrated or reset. Two do these move the phone in around fast for a short time or draw an 8 in the air with the phone in your hand. Please be careful not to through or drop the phone.



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