IATA ICAO Dictionary APK

This app is an offline database for IATA / ICAO airport, airline, aircraft, delay codes and aircraft registration codes.

The airport database provides:
– Name
– Elevation
– Latitude and Longitude coordinates,
– timezone,
– runway and communication information (not every airport)
– Metar / TAF reports (not every airport)
– google map (not every airport)
– sunrise / set caluclation
– find other aiport in the vicinity of the selected airport or from your present position (GPS required)
– caluclate the distance to the selected airport (GPS required)

The airline database provides:
– Name
– Country
– Callsign
– picture of the airline with

The aircraft database provides:
– Company
– Type
– wake category
– picture of the aircraft with

Other functions are:
AC registrations; selection by
– country – registration
– registration – country

Delay codes

general aviation abbreviations




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