Droid Wallet APK

Droid Wallet

Keep track of where you spend and how you earn your money!!
Droid Wallet is a Money Manager app that lets you track all of your expenses and income to see what kind of budget you have for extra spending!
-Recurring Transactions! Now setup up bills such as rent, insurance, utilities or income such as pay checks to be automatically added each month, week, or how ever often they occur!
-Manage your expenses and income in separate lists!
-View expenses/incomes by transaction type or date!
-Categorize your expenses and income!
-Edit, Create, and Delete Categories!
-Organize Categories in any order your want!
-Easily repeat transactions!
-Supports multiple Currencies!
-Backup your information, and export data to CSV spreadsheets. Go to MENU -> Settings to set up the Auto-Export feature!
-New Look!!
-Password (PIN) Protection!
-Create a budget for any expense category, and monitor if you are staying within or going over your own budget!
Budgets can be set up to be weekly, every two weeks, every four weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, or every two months.
NOTE: In case you want a budget for Free Spending. I’d suggest creating a new expense category for Free Spending. Any expense that you deem to be free spending, add under that category instead.
**Now Android 3.0/Tablet compatible!**
Please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions, comments, and questions!



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