Compass Level Tool APK

Compass Level Tool-2 Compass Level Tool-1

Experience most accurate compass and level tools on the one screen.
Now you are an expert placing a furniture, putting a shelf, hanging a frame by yourself.
This is one of the most accurate tools.
Tips. To get more accuracy, calibrate once.
** Usage
1. When you place a furniture, you can check the direction and level.
2. When you put up a shelf or hang a frame, you can check level.
3. When you get lost on travelling, you can find direction on compass.
** Features
1. Sound or Vibration on level (you can change in settings)
2. Calibrates level if the level is incorrect.
3. Hold / Release screen to check compass ans level easily.
4. Change sensor sensitivity and update cycle (in settings)
** Notice
1. The accuracy of sensor may differ from real data upon devices. (only for compass)
2. To get better accuracy, use it far from magnetic field like electronic devices. (only for compass)

Current Version : 1.2.5
Size : 2.0M


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