Calorie Counter APK

The best Calorie Counter – download for FREE!
*** The best app for taking care of your body! Perfect for weight loss, weight gain, or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle!
*** Ultimate food database: Contains more than 400,000 items with details on all of the most relevant nutritional facts!
*** The app automatically calculates your needs and recommended vitamin, mineral and nutrients intake!
*** Create custom diets and activity plans!
*** Body Tracker lets you register all changes in your body parameters and uses colorful, easy-to-read graphs to help you track your progress!

– Set your fitness goals and watch your body change day by day!
– Set limits to help you regulate your intake of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients!
– Monitor and regulate your consumption of unhealthy foods!
– Create your own diets and activity plans and stick to them!
– Your objectives are presented as concise, daily plans to help you focus and reach your goals!

– Calorie Counter features a database containing over 400,000 food items, conveniently sorted into relevant categories: (product type, restaurant, brand, manufacturer). You can also add your own dishes to the database to ensure accurate calorie counting!
– More than 50 000 recipes, including the option to create your own.
– The quick search function and a favorites list add further convenience!
– An extensive list of log-able activities that includes relevant details about burnt calories. It also features the option to add custom activities
– Metric and imperial measurement systems

– A detailed log of your body parameters in the Body Tracker keeps you informed!
– Take and save your photos in the app to monitor your body changes and motivate you to reach your goals!.
– Monitors relevant health parameters: mood, water consumption, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels!
– Detailed statistics outline your body changes in colorful graphs!

– Live Support: Enter your questions directly in the app and get professional advice!
– Barcode Scanner: Quickly add food to the database when you’re on the go!
– BMI calculator: Automatic calculates and interprets your Body Mass Index.
NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet to be able to log data.


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