BioWallet2Browser APK

There are many password managers in the market, but in almost every one all the security is based in a master password; BioWallet2Browser offers you security based in three factors: something you know (your Google password for login into the service), something you have (your phone), and something you are (your biometric characteristic, based on your handwriting signature). The browser could only access your information if all the three factors are satisfied.

Easy to use: Once registered, you could store your passwords inside BioWallet on your phone, directly from your browser, and then use them to access your favorite sites with just one click and without remembering them. BioWallet2Browser will then fill up automatically the user and pass fields and will enter the site. Everything with just a simple click.

Secure communication: The information travels across secure channels between your browser and your phone. And even if the secure channel was compromised, all the information is encrypted using a key that only your browser and your phone knows, and that is different in each new transaction. In the following diagram you could see how information flows across the different point of the system. It’s very important to remark that our servers only acts as mere gateways for the data: we do not store your user and pass, that information is only on your phone and is only transmitted encrypted so that your browser could decrypt and use it.

EveryWhere: You could use it at work, at home or wherever you want to access your data.



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