Battery Left Widget APK

Battery Left Widget

Battery widget and notification app to show voltage, percent, real time left.
– Top status bar icon to show % battery left (off by default, turn on in settings)
– Status bar notifications showing charge/discharge status & time/% left
– Two highly customizable homescreen widgets (colors, levels etc) to show all aspects of battery info including:
– estimated battery %
– estimated voltage % (for Motorola Droids & extended batteries)
– system battery %
– calibration accuracy
– time left until battery empty
– time left until battery is full (when charging)
– clock time that battery will die (12 and 24 hr)
– voltage
– temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius)
– Shortcut buttons to battery info, usage and history (if supported on your device)
– Show battery time left in hours and minutes via battery calibration system with visual accuracy rating
– Shows battery % in 1% levels on Motorola Droids that by default only show 10% levels
– PRO version: setup multiple battery profiles for calibration
– PRO version: grey/orange/red status bar notification icons dependent on battery level

NOTE: To get the most accurate readings, calibration can take several days. Charge your phone fully, leave it on charge for several hours after it reaches 100%, then let it run down all the way until it turns off.


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