Auto SMS (Autoresponder) APK

Autoresponder, Sms Reader, Instant Sms, Sms Scheduler, Sms Listen,
SMS Auto responder, SMS scheduler, SMS Reader, Instant SMS, SMS Forwarder
– This app responds to incoming SMS and missed call automatically and is able to set a schedule to send SMS in future time. And it also can read out SMS in some supported languages. SMS forwarding and many more features are also available.
***Requires Android: 2.1 and up
***If you are using task killer or app killer, please exclude AutoSMS to work properly.
***If you are using GO SMS, you need to uncheck the “Disable other message notification” setting in Receive Settings of GO SMS setting.

*Other Features:
1) If same contact SMS/calls in again within 5 mins, only one Auto-response message is sent.
2) Option to prompt you to select Reply message from recently used message.
3) Able to set different message for SMS and incoming missed call.
4) Able to set “Reply Once” option for each scheduled session.
* More features coming soon.


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  • Ive been using your app for the last 1.5 years free and paid versions on all my work phones.. the one feature I need badly that would make this autoresponse absolutely awesome would be the ability to delay the autoresponse a set amount of time.. 2 or 3 min from getting the response to sending the autoresponse would be perfect. If somehow this could be added quickly id gladly pay for it. Thanks and let me know

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