Wiimote Controller APK

WiimoteController is an application which allows a Wii remote to connect to your Android phone. You can then use the Wii remote to control various apps.
IMPORTANT! This application does not work with most HTC Devices that have Sense UI. It doesn’t matter if the Sense is turned on or not, the problem seems to be much deeper.
– turn bluetooth on
– run the app
– if this is your first run, hit Yes. Enable “WiiControllerIME”. This is only needed once right after installation
– tap the first button and at the same time put your Wii remote in discovery mode by pressing “1” and “2” simultaneously
– wait for the “Connected” message to appear *. The first LED will turn on on the Wii remote
– back in WiimoteController tap the second button and select WiiControllerIME
– done. The Wii remote is connected. Go play! smiley
– if you want to connect more than one Wii remote, follow the same procedure, but put ALL the remotes to discovery mode
– to disconnect a single Wii remote, hold the power button on it
– to disconnect all Wii remotes, use the option from the menu or simply turn the phone’s bluetooth off
– don’t forget to set your favorite IME back or you won’t be able to type (or check Preferences to find an option to do that automatically)

version 0.3 Beta, published may-23-2010
– support for up to 4 controllers
– support for nunchuk and classic controller (thanks to Mark and Rob for testing)
– “Disconnect all” feature added in menu
– added option to disable high thread priority from 0.25
– all input can be remapped
– added option to rotate wiimotes sideways (rotates the D-pad)
– all analog sticks support axis independent digital or analog mode
– digital mode has an adjustable threshold




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