Who’s Calling APK

“Who’s Calling?” reads the name of the calling party for incoming phone calls or the sender’s name of a received message.

-Uses default TTS engine and language pack. Please ensure that “voice data” in Text-to-speech settings is installed
-Configurable format of spoken name (first name, display name, …)
-Certain contacts can be disabled or a custom name can be defined
-Speech volume can be configured relative to ring tone volume
-Test mode to simulate incoming calls and messages
-Mute speech by flipping the phone

Important note:
-On some devices (especially Samsung) the ringtone volume might be lowered after ringing. Who’s calling uses the ringer volume as reference to adjust the TTS volume and to lower the ringtone volume during the call announcement. Some Android versions seem to let the ringtone fade-in. Who’s calling will then use the very silent volume as reference. To avoid this, the initial pause in “speech pauses” can be adjusted to 2000ms or more.

-If the call isn’t announced via headphones, please try to use a different audio stream (setting “Audio stream for TTS”)




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