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WhatsApp to Text APK

WhatsApp to Text

WhatsApp to Text allows you to export your WhatsApp messages to Plain Text, CSV, Excel and HTML file formats and yes, those files can be read in your phone or computer! Your exported files can be saved on your phone’s SD card or sent to your email as attachment. It is fast and easy to backup your WhatsApp messages!

– Features:
* Support Emoji characters in text format and can be displayed in Emoji supported OS (Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.7 or later)
* Export your messages and Emoji icons completely in HTML format
* Export and send to your email as attachment directly
* Filter by chat
* Filter by message type
* Sorting messages
* Export to Normal plain text (*.txt)
* Export to CSV, comma-separated values (*.csv)
* Export to Excel 2007/2010 workbook (*.xlsx)
* Export to HTML web page (*.html)
* Selectable date and time format
* Support Unicode UTF-8 encoding with/without BOM
* Support Windows, Unix, Mac plain text new line format
– Sample Output screenshots can be found on our Facebook page
– WhatsApp to Text and SMS to Text share same file format, those exported WhatsApp messages can be restored to your phone as SMS using SMS to Text

WhatsApp to Text exports your messages based on your WhatsApp chat history backup. Please follow the steps below to make the up-to-date chat history backup:
1. Open WhatsApp
2. Press the Menu button
3. Click “Settings”
4. Click “Chat preferences”
5. Click “Chat history backup”




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