Wali SMS Application APK

Wali SMS is the most popular cute-style SMS client on the planet.

“Wali SMS Application” is a popular messaging app full of customizable functions. Multiple useful features fully surpass your default SMS.
Wali SMS presents iPhone dialogue interface, new message pop-up windows, tons of cool skins, cute doll font and more!

New Features:
*Supports desktop widgets.
*Adds recent contacts.
*Adds Drafts
*Check skin update whenever you want.
*Adds VIP contacts. VIP dialog is sticky in the message list.
*Supports adding personalized title in a group message.
*Supports appending personalized signature in outgoing messages.
*Supports moving messages from Favorites to Inbox.
*Improved pop-up window display stability.

1.Change exquisite skins at random.
2.Supports funny emoticons and cute doll font.
3.Supports whale expression. iPhone classic themes is recommended meanwhile.
4.Supports Android motion sensor. Shake to send SMS.
5.New message desktop preview. Add reply input box in desktop pop-up window.
6.Supports MMS reading. Full screen slide. Auto page access.
7.Supports group message. Find your latest contact groups.
8.Supports message encryption.
9.Quick search message recipient by name and number.
10.Slide to check multiple messages in pop-up window.
11.Supports voice input.
12.Supports SMS Reader. Listen to your message




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