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Voicely – Walkie-Talkie PTT APK

Send quick voice or text messages to your contacts or groups of contacts – FREE
*** UPDATE ***
Added a feature to allow users to send free text messages using Voicely! It works the same way as with voice messages, send them to your wife or your buddies. When you need privacy use option to text as opposed to voice. Free texting – try it right now 🙂
I am a 34 year old entrepreneur / software engineer and to be honest with you I got tired of texting my wife 10+ times every day. Don’t get me wrong, we still talk on a phone but we all know that texting is more convenient for quick messages back and forward. With texting you can even ask stupid questions without getting yelled at 😉 But we must agree that texting sucks, well in 95% cases, the other 5% of course being when you want privacy. Let’s face it, typing sucks, driving and texting sucks, we know it but yet – we still do it. So being software engineer I asked myself how can I suffer less? Can I fix this? And that is how Voicely was born. I built this app in my free time to solve my personal problem as well as to help you guys, cause I know you are hurting 🙂
All you gotta do is to install this app, throw your phone contacts into your own groups and you are done. Example groups and usage:

1. SPOUSE & KIDS – this way you can send them a quick message that you just left work and you are taking them for pizza.

2. FRIENDS YOU HANG OUT WITH – plan your weekends more effectively, single message goes to all your friends at once, they can respond right away.

3. CO-WORKERS – call a meeting in 2 seconds, without emails, phone calls. Communicate on the road, safely.
To summarize – it’s sort of like a walkie-talkie but much much better! Try it, it’s 100% free, you will love it, I freakin use it every day 😉

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