vLauncher APK

VLauncher – (for devices running 2.0 or above) Very nice launcher app developed over at voyagers. Much like Home Launcer but very fast ,snappy and stable. Features include:
-3 to 5 screens (swipe scrolling between pages)

-launcher dock at bottom for 4 ,user defined apps links (just drag and drop for exchange the icons)

-vLauncher is a free home screen app that lets you flick through pages of apps on home screen , manage apps more easily,iPhone style.

-Click an app icon and hold to drag it to anywhere you want.

-Click and hold on blank space to create folder, you can drag apps into folders.

-We group most used apps to first page, you can rearrange them too.

-Changing wallpaper supported.

-Adding widgets on vLauncher by setting widget screens pages.

Minimum Android version:
Android 2.0.1
Minimum screen width:
240 dpx
Requires features:
Requires permissions:
Access network state
Bind appwidget
Call phone
Get tasks
Read contacts
Read phone state
Read sms
Restart packages
Set wallpaper
Set wallpaper hints
Write external storage
Write settings
Write sms