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VGPS Offline Map for Android APK

This is demo version.

Key features:
*Offline map
*Store and load map data from memory card
*Vector Map data from Custom Garmin map and OpenStreetMap (Official Garmin map in NT format will not be supported)
*Search street by name and/or intersection with other streets
*Search point by name,type,distance or type+name, type+distance
*Search GPS location by latitude and longitude in decimal format
*Partial name search
*Can touch any object on map (point, street, building, park, river…) to view its name
*GPS real-time tracking with built-in compass
*Routing point to point
*Rotate map
*Voice guidance

Basic User Guide

Touch and drag to move map, tap on + button or double tap anywhere on the map to zoom in, tap on – button to zoom out, tap on an object (street, point or building) to view its name, touch and hold (long press) an object (street, point or building) to open context menu apply to that object.



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