Ultimate Call Blocker Free

Ultimate Call Blocker is designed to filter calls and texts.
3 mode to block a incoming calls
- End call (send to voicemail immediately)
- Silent (mute call, caller will hear the ring, then voice mail)
- Pickup then hangup (may cost your money if you is charged for incoming call)
3 options to block
- Block incoming call
- Block incoming SMS (text message)
- Block incoming MMS (multimedia message)
Highly customizable filters
- Block anonymous callers (private numbers)
- Block numbers not in phonebook
- Block specific numbers (blacklist)
- Trust numbers in phonebook
- Trust specific numbers (whitelist)
Notification & logging
- Clear official notification (experimentation)
- Clear official call logs
- Log blocked call or SMS
- Auto reply for blocked calls and SMS
- Easy log management
Privacy settings
- Password protection
Other good things
- Simple UI. highly customize
- One-click to add a last incoming numbers to blocked list