TT Dialer Demo APK

TT_Dialer is an application which allows to search for contacts and dial their numbers without the need to look to the screen, just by tapping or sliding the finger. For you to know in every moment on what screen or contact you are and the actions you can perform, the application uses the Android’s Text-To-Speech library to guide you by voice.

TT_Dialer may be useful to dial while driving or for people visually impaired.

With TT_Dialer you can:
– search the whole contact list or the favorite contacts only
– browse contacts one by one or jumping over by initial letter
– dial any of the selected contact’s numbers (in the case of more than one)
– dial the number of the last incoming call (missed or not)
– dial the number of the last outgoing call
– launch the application by pressing (or holding) the call button on the handsfree (may not work in every case, check it with the demo)

Known limitations:
– when launching the application by the handsfree button may be you get a message from the handsfree itself saying that the call has been rejected, although the application is launched correctly, depending on the handsfree model
– in Android 2.0 and upper only the contacts from first account will be used, in case of more than one account

Demo version limitations:
– the demo version doesn’t allow to dial any number, except the first number of the first contact available in the “whole contact list” section

TT_Dialer requires Android 1.6 or upper and currently supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, for both, text and voices.



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