TodoToday for Producteev APK

TodoToday for Producteev is a todo list application to show current due and overdue tasks from the online task management tool

NOTE: Google, Yahoo! and Facebook login to Producteev is not currently supported. To set a Producteev specific password use the forgot password option at to request a password reset, this will not affect your regular Google, Yahoo! or Facebook login details.

TodoToday is intended to be a minimalist task manager focused on getting things done by showing the tasks that are due and allowing for basic task entry to capture new tasks.

For adding new tasks TodoToday supports the Producteev task entry syntax to include key task fields for due dates, priority, labels, etc in the task entry text. e.g. “Call John next week ##phone ***”.

If you like this app please leave some positive feedback on the market. You can also provide us with comments and suggestions via the in app feedback, or on the Jabanaki website.

TodoToday for Producteev is Ad supported. An Ad Free/Donation Supported version “TodoToday Pro for Producteev” is also available.



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