Spy Dialer APK

Have a cell phone number and you don’t know who it goes to? Like a “missed call”? Spy Dialer lets you find out who most cell numbers belong to WITHOUT speaking to someone you may not want to! It calls directly to their voicemail and lets you hear whose phone it is. Just enter any cell phone number and click Dial! Or, use the missed call drop down menu on your Droid. Just click on a missed call and choose the Spy Dialer option to learn whose cell phone it is!

Please note Spy Dialer works with U.S. based cell phones only. And, while it works most of the time, it simply doesn’t work with some phone numbers.

It’s sneaky. It’s legal. SPY DIALER — IT’S SNEAKY BUT LEGAL!




  • if you put a number in to be checked and that person calls the number your company called them with what do they hear? Do they hear nothing at all? or do they hear a message?

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