Speedometer by Sygic

Speedometer by Sygic-1 Speedometer by Sygic-2

Speedometer by Sygic is your perfect car dashboard. It combines beautifully designed GPS speedometer with speed camera alerts.
> GPS based speedometer
- Beautiful design with no clutter – essential features only
- Set your own speed alert
- Choose your metrics – km/h or mph
> Trip log
- Track your mileage
- See useful statistics
- View your driving history
> More than 50,000 fixed speed camera locations
- Avoid fixed cameras with offline database
- Know where the red-light cameras are hiding
- Watch out for average-speed checks
> Live community
- Report new traps & dangers with a single tap
- With help from other drivers you can stop worrying about speeding fines and fully enjoy your drive
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Size : 13M
Current Version : 2.0
Requires Android : 4.0 and up