SimpleChat for Facebook APK

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SimpleChat ver 3.8.3
allows you to use the Facebook chat
from your Android device.
Facebook’s permits required for best use of this application are:
1) Go to Facebook chat -> this course to be able to use the chat (Required)
2) Access to messages in your inbox -> To download the conversations from Facebook,
this is a new feature chat
3) Manage your notifications -> to display notifications facebook
4) Friends’ Birthdays -> To see the birthday icon
5) Status Updates shared with you -> To view the status of the contact in the list
If you do not accept the last two chat can work however
but will not have access to all the features.
– Access by facebook account;
– Notification of messages;
– Notification LED, vibrate, sound;
– Notification action settlement;
– Emoticons;
– View Group;
– Display the grid;
– View birthday;
– View user status;
– Visualisation device’s icon used;
– View Alphabetical List Contact;
– View offline presence *
– Favorites Friends;
– Open conversations;
– Cache conversationes;
– App widget for Home;
– Photo, video, audio sharing in conversations (capture and photo gallery);
– Shared position;
– View avatar in conversations;
– Notifications of Facebook (click header);
– Download conversation of Facebook;
– Displayed in your Facebook (Application) profile (on long click item);
– Automatic reconnection;
– Custom size, type and style font;
– Custom background;
– Custom balloon.



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