SD Manager APK

The file manager can be searched rapidly.
By creating an index, SD card would be able to Incremental search.

– Create an index file searches faster.
Index manually, can automatically created.
– Set the folder icon.
– Set a different file extension icons. You can change the icon from the settings menu.
– Folders, files, a single operation (copy, cut, remove only) can create a shortcut.
– The title will show the amount of SD Card used.
– Basic operation, Zip file creation can extract it.
– The image file displays the thumbnails.

When you first start to create an index in its current state.

Search is done only from the index
Search can not index the file does not exist.

Sorry, you can manually add an index,
From the Settings menu, please try to recreate.

Please contact your comments and bug reports.
Thank you for your time.



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