Rotation Toggler APK

Rotation toggler is essentially an auto-rotate screen toggler application that allows you to enable or disable android’s auto-rotate feature. This is useful especially when you don’t want the screen to change its orientation when’re reading an ebook or browsing a site and don’t want your browser to change its orientation. Just long press on the search button and select “rotation toggler” or launch the application in your app drawer and toggle the auto-rotation on or off. It is just that simple! Don’t forget to try my other free apps. Ad-supported (requires and uses internet connection ONLY if you launch the app via app drawer).

New in v1.3:
– Added new changelog dialog
– Fixed numerous issues with regards to starting app on bootup, should no longer have any problems
– Fixed a bug that causes the app to display the notification status every time the preferences page is displayed
– Added Android 3.x Honeycomb support



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