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Ramadan 2012 App APK

—- The Hijri calendar shown in this app is according to Madina —-
Worldwide Iftar/Sehar Time clock for Ramadan.Ramdan 2012″ as the name implies that this app is for the Holy month
of Ramadan. This is a complete app which contains duas and complete
schedule for seher and aftar. One can see the seher and aftar timings
on daily basis also there is an option to see the seher and aftar
timings for the whole month. This application also contains the
complete schedule of prayer timings for the month of Ramadan. One can
also choose his school of thoughts and switch between Hanfi and Shafi.
Features includes:

1. Monthly view for Ramadan timings.
2. Supports different time calculation methods.
3. Daily Salat Timings.
4. Hijri Calendar
5. Switching between Hanfi and Shafi timing

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