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Organize your phone data!
PhoneCopy.com is the ultimate cross-platform way to backup and sync your contacts, events, notes and messages from your mobile device. PhoneCopy provides free, unlimited, cross-platform, smartphone and featured phone synchronization, with real time access to data via your web browser. Simply create your PhoneCopy profile, synchronize and you have all of your data safely stored in the Cloud.
– Only contacts synchronizing is supported now.
– Some contact storages are not accessible (e.g. HTC local/phone contacts).
– Various applications are using different birthday formats. Some of them might not be supported.
– PhoneCopy does not support year-less birthday format. Add some year to all birthdays (e.g. 1900).
PhoneCopy works with Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Symbian, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG or Mac OS X and Windows – regardless of what smartphone or featured phone you have you will be able to backup, synchronize and transfer data!
PhoneCopy gives you THE BEST SPEED AND RELIABILITY. Contacts, events or messages are delivered as soon as your synchronization finishes. Unlike regular backup services, you aren’t left wondering if your data have been saved. PhoneCopy shows you – through your profile – which of your contacts etc. has been changed or just successfully synchronized. Even when you delete contacts, tasks or notes from your phone, it will be moved to the archive, so you can always stay connected to your data.
You can synchronize anytime from anywhere free of charge. Wi-Fi or your current data plan is all it takes to synchronize your data.
Unlike PC backup, PhoneCopy is designed for instant access anytime from anywhere. This means that your data is always online and reachable from any PC connected to the internet. Likewise, your contacts are always reachable and you don’t have to wonder where you left your phone or backup copies of your data. All PhoneCopy data is stored on reliable servers until you need to access it. You will never lose your data, even if you damage, lose or forget your mobile phone somewhere.

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