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Password Generator APK

This is a password generator app, that allows you to generate passwords from simple to the most complex types.
The length of the password is also changeable between 4 and 99, the default is 8.
All data is stored encrypted.
Passwords can contain lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters.
Changing passwords rapidly (weekly/monthly) is suggested for safety reasons.
You can save the passwords, write details, system info, username, etc.
For example:
-System: Gmail
-Username: yourname (like: yourname@gmail.com)
-Description: This acc is used for business.
(-Plus the generated password)

You can list the saved passwords, filter them (fast search), like in for example the app “Uninstaller”; delete, undo delete, etc.
Undoing the last deleted password is a one-time option to avoid the deletion of passwords by accident. Just simply press teh back button and then press “Yes” to restore it. You can freely delete passwords (without questions), ’cause it’s annoying to always be prompted for comfirmation. 🙂

Update 1.7.1 (latest):
– Localized the remaining messages that needed to be localized.
– Minor fix

Update 1.7.0:
– Added hungarian localization.
– Added menu button to new savable password selector.
– Redesigned the menu to support new password and multiple password generation modes.
– You can chose now to create a password entry with a random or a manually entered password.
– You are now able to generate 1-100 passwords with one click.
– Minor performance improvements.




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