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Organizer Widget APK

Organizer widget displays information of last and unanswered calls, new SMS, tasks and events defined in Calendar in one panel. Unanswered calls, new sms and Events for nearest 24 hours are marked with special icons and are summarized in red circle per group. On clicking Calls, SMS or Calendar icons you go to standard applications – Contacts, Send SMS and Calendar.

How to install the widget:
1. Go to home screen
2. Long touch the screen (2 seconds)
3. Choose Widgets
4. Choose Organizer Widget

When install you have option to choose the background – Black or Transparent.




  • Hi, my phone was reset to factory settings and I lost everything. One of the things I had was this widget and I am not trying to replace it but I can’t find it in the Play Store so decided to google it. I downloaded it to my phone from this site and it is now saying that it is not compatiable with my phone. I had it for over two years so I don’t understand why it is not compatible now. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! I love this widget and haven’t seen any like it. Please Help!!!

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