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Night Vision Camera APK

Night Vision Camera optimizes your camera’s ability to see in the dark.

This is not just a trick with a simple green filter.
Night Vision Camera tries to use your phone’s camera capabilities to get better pictures and uses a clever algorithm to boost the image brightness additionally.

* Live Camera View
* Adjustable Brightness
* Save Images
* Turn Green Filter On/Off
* Slick UI

Please note that the quality of the results depends largely on your phone model.
The Galaxy S/Nexus S gives you great results for example.

Just give it a try with your phone. Nothing’s lost since this Night Vision Goggles are completely free.

Press the “<<” button your screen to get to the options menu.

Usage tips for best results:
* Try to hold the camera as steady as possible
* You need at least a small amount of light to make good pictures
* Disable the ads if they annoy you 😉

This app is completely free. A little banner ad gets sometimes displayed at the bottom of the screen.
You can disable the advert at no cost at any time via “Hide Ad” in the options menu.




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