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Network Counter APK

Network Counter is Android (2.2+) application for monitoring of wireless network traffic.

– Displays data traffic usage statistics for Wi-Fi and cellular / mobile networks.
– Possibility to setup an alarm for Wi-Fi and mobile data traffic usage.
– Network traffic statistics for currently active (running) applications.
– Ability to backup and restore of data traffic usage database.
Data stats gathering is done via our background service which has been designed for a low power consumption and supports device reboots (not including hard resets or direct battery pulls) and network disconnects.

Note, A2SD (SD card support) functionality is not possible due to necessary background service. However, if it’s your preference, there is no limitation to use A2SD+ (ext partition).

In a case of any feature suggestion or a bug report, please, contact us on our e-mail.

– Mobile / Cell or Wi-Fi HW module in your phone / tablet
– Android’s TrafficStats API supported via your phone’s ROM

Changes in v1.3:
* Added ability to put an alarm on Wi-Fi data traffic.
* Slightly adjusted gfx and layout on Data Usage and Alarm tabs.
* More fixes.



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