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myChatDroid for Facebook Chat APK

myChatDroid for Facebook Chat

A simple chat app for Facebook. Stop wasting memory and battery, use myChatDroid
myChatDroid for Facebook is a very simple application which connects your Android device to Facebook chat.
It’s not meant to be perfect… it’s just a very simple chat app which doesn’t waste your memory and battery.
myChatDroid for Facebook supports the following features:
– Emoticons;
– Clickable links in chat messages;
– Statusbar/Sound/Vibration/LED notifications on new messages;
– Add a friend to favourites, to be notified when he connects/disconnects;
– Messages history saved on internal database and always available after restart or disconnection;
– Automatic reconnection after connection loss.
myChatDroid requires these permissions to run:
– android.permission.INTERNET: to connect to chat server;
– android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to check if data connection is available;
– android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to cache avatars to SD card, for a smoother experience and memory saving;
– android.permission.VIBRATE: to notify incoming messages when the screen is off.
Please note that Facebook runs a very limited implementation of the chat protocol (XMPP), so there are a few things that won’t work in any chat program:
– offline messages are not supported;
– even if you set the away status, your friends will see you as available (but you can set an automatic message from myChatDroid);
– no way to block/unblock friends or groups (you can do it from the website);
– you will only see friends that are shown in Facebook website’s chat.



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