MobileWebCam APK

Use your Android as a simple mobile webcam via WIFI or Mobile Network! The picture can be watched from everywhere with a browser or for example with my App WebLiveWallpaper, ftp upload, stored on Dropbox, sent with email or stored on your sdcard.

Use as simple but mobile timed webcam with refresh rates from seconds to hours, with motion detection or your defined daily activity times. High resolution pictures are possible. Mark the pictures with text or image to advertise for your place or business.

This app provides me with a simple possibility to mail someone (my wife) and start refreshing a webcam view of what I see with one buttontap. Also it can work as a static webcam with set activity times and picture imprint if you got a spare or partially broken phone you want to place somewhere connected to power running all the time …

SERVER with PHP required for a webcam on your website! If you do not know what PHP means you will not be able to fully use this app as intended but may still find the email or ftp useful!

To enable your webcam put the included (see http settings in app or support forum thread) two files on your server.

Your personal webcam is then viewable at

Server address to be entered in Settings of App is

You also have to enable the server to write to this directory – chmod! And you should enable password protection for your website if you do not enhance the php page with some security measures.

This webcam app does not stream video. It is not meant to be placed next to or connected to your Computer. It will not have nice camera preview, fx or settings because old/broken androids can be used. This camera is intended to run without user (interaction) possibly with a cheap 2G mobile data plan (in some countries/carriers for example 30 MB of data are free – enough to upload several pictures a day!).




  • Hello, I have installed this application, however I cannot get it to store or email pictures. What am I missing?

  • Hi,

    Great app, however it doesnt seem to start automatically when the phone starts, even though I turned on the ‘autostart’ option in settings.

    Can you help?

  • I want my android mobile use as webcam with pic. Plz help me with detail. I have andoroid mobile O phone. My mobile internet very best, good speed and all kind sites open. Beside it, all software running good example hotspot sheild as youtube etc, best picture quality my camera, best quality movie camera. But I want use mobile as webcam on my pc.

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