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MightyText – SMS from Computer APK

MightyText - SMS from Computer

Send/Receive SMS Text Messages from your Computer or Tablet using your Android #
– Text from your Computer, using your current Android phone number
– Messages stay fully in sync with your phone’s SMS
– Desktop Notifications on computer immediately when SMS hits phone
– 30 Seconds Setup Time.
– 100% Free (no additional charge from what your Carrier charges you)
2 Simple Steps:
(1) Install this Android App on your Phone
(2) On your Computer go to Mightytext.net/installapp to start texting
*NOTE* – MightyText sends msgs via your phone, so your carrier WILL charge you as if you sent SMS from your phone. MightyText charges no additional fee (free SMS sync).
Coming soon: text messaging & export MMS to Google Drive (gdrive) & MMS backup & sync with Whatsapp (when Whatsapp makes an API available). SMS scheduler and SMS scheduling is coming soon as well. Send us your feedback about SMS scheduler functionality via Twitter or our Facebook page!


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  • Mighty text app download won’t open on my HTC ONE M7. Why is that? How can I install it? I have upgraded my phone with the latest software.

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