Memory Status Widget APK

Memory Status Widget

Try Memory Status graphical Widgets to check your phone’s status!
Memory Status allows you to check and monitor at a glance your smartphone status.
!!!If you find any bug please contact me through my internet site -> contacts info, I cannot give an answer to the comments!!!
Main Features:
– Battery left percentage
– Internal memory left
– SD memory left
– External SD memory left
– Free RAM Memory
– Customizable Text Widget with all information
– 4 different color layouts for Text Widget
– Battery Gauge Widget, updated in real time
– 2 different styles to customize the gauge Widget
– A numerical battery icon can be added to the notification bar
– Chart showing battery level pattern
– Estimated battery time left
– Estimated time to full battery charge
– Additional details or system shortcuts for every entry in the application
– Do NOT move to SD card!
– If you use a task killer, remove Memory Status from the killable apps list, otherwise widgets will not work anymore
– Battery chart is updated only if there is at least one active Widget
– Internet permission is only used for ads.




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