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Offline Maps
Of course, today there are many Android application featuring street maps. Most of them are based on Google Maps, which means you’ve to enable your device’s network connection through a GPRS or Wifi connection.
But can you really afford international roaming being online for hours And mostly probably you need maps at your fingertips when you’re aboard, right Once you have downloaded your MapDroyd application and your favorite maps form our map server onto your local storage (SD card) you can use them without being online. This is extremely helpful when you travel outside your country and mobile data connections become very expensive.
Simply carry your individual maps offline in your pocket, always at your fingertips. Other than similar offline map applications (like offmaps, bigplanet, etc.) MapDryod does not store cached maps images or tiles! Our MicroMap format represents a fully navigable vector-based street map.

OpenStreetMap (OSM)
MapDroyd stores map friles locally on your device using our highly compressed and efficient MicroMap format which is designed and optimized for embedded devices. MicroMap files are compiled from OpenStreetMap (OSM) raw data available for the whole planet. This said, we can provide maps for any region on this planet as long as OSM maps are available there.

World Wide Maps
Just start MapDroyd’s map manager (ContentDroyd) and browse remotely through our hierarchical repository of world wide street maps. Step by step we will offer you more and more royalty free OSM maps prepared for you Android device. We plan to update our entire map repository on a regular basis. Updated regions or countries are marked with a special update available flag. Continents, countries and regions are listed and downloaded considering your individual language setting.



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