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LiveWare Manager APK

LiveWare™ manager allows you to connect applications with accessories. Use your headset, speakers or charger to start any application or experience smart accessories such as LiveView™ micro display, Smart Headset with SmartKey control or LiveDock™ multimedia station, LiveWare™ manager will find, install and manage these applications. Enjoy a new experience as your smart accessory interacts with applications when you need it most. Applications can be extended for smart accessories by any developer with an Android SDK.

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  • I have had the Safe Note Version 4.0 for about 3 or so years on my Samsung phone. However I just replaced the Samsung with an I Phone 5. I am looking for the same Safe Note Version 4.0 I had on my Samsung to install on my I Phone. The reason is that I have quite a bit of information and I’m hoping I can get the data so I won’t have to re-input
    manually. Can someone help me. Thanks for whatever you can do. Please email me if you can help.

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