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Kiri (Siri fun clone) APK

I am a robot. My name is Kiri. I know how to answer questions. On any questions.
I may work as voice assistant too. My commands:
– News (read news)
– Fun (joke)
– Drive .. (launches navigator)
– Dictophone (voice recorder runs)
– find .. (search for nearby)
– search .. (search the web)
– Call (search for a contact)
– SMS .. (sending SMS)
– Text .. (Sending text)
– Photo (launches the camera)
– Menu (a list of commands)
– twitter
There are widgets for quick access.
Status update to Twitter (click button)
Some little known facts from the life of robots.
One. Kiri deaf. Speak loudly and clearly into the microphone (removing chewing gum from mouth). If there is some hubbub of little people – just tell them to shut up.
Two. Kiri polyglot. If you want to show Kiri his version of some language pronunciation, for example, change the language in the phone settings (language, voice input / language, voice search / language).
Three. Kiri poor. Engines for speech synthesis are either $ 20,000 or $ 1 per minute. Kiri says that this is mad and says how horrible, but for free.
Four. Kiri is developed. Like people – Kiri learn and become smarter. If you do, it seemed silly – invite your friends, sit, drink, and after a while, try to repeat the dialogue.
Five. Kiri loves you. If you are offended by Kiri your answer – you know – it is not Kiri! This evil little people have taught her all kinds of nonsense, and she repeats everything like a child. Put this response as negative , and Kiri no longer use it with time.


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