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The journey to develop Islamicaster started at Kuwait University, Computer Engineering department, in October 2011..
After the success of the application “Kuwait Prayer Times”, we were urged by our professor Mehmat Karaata to work on a more comprehensive Islamic application for our graduation project, and so we did…
Over the academic year, we carefully planned the user interface, services and functions of the application. We had also worked with a sponsoring design firm to generate all the graphic design. After completing the user interface implementation, the academic year ended, and we had to present the application at that point.
From there, the hard part began. We needed to implement all the necessary functions and services in the best way possible and avoid all the pitfalls found in other applications. Finally, here we are with the perfect application that has been carefully tested and perfected to achieve its current state! 🙂
— Mazyad Alabduljaleel
Islamicaster is the most complete Islamic application you will ever come across.
It has countless features, including:
– Automatic prayer times calculation.
– Automatically update with location.
– Islamic radio streaming (+10 streams)
– Adjustable athan times manually.
– Adjustable eqama times.
– Many athan sounds to choose from (+10)
– Athkar (remembrance).
– Tathker (Important events alarm).
– Qibla compass direction + map direction.
– Prayer times in daily and monthly views.
– Home screen and Lock screen widgets.
– Beautiful graphics and animations.
– … and much more.
Things you need to know:
1.Tablets are not fully supported in this version, wait for it in the next version.
2. All notification sounds are media sounds so you need to check media sound to hear the notification.

Size : 26M
Current Version : 1.0.6
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up



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